Published: Istituto di Alti Studi in Geopolitica e Scienze Ausiliarie (IsAG)

Authors: Ambassador (ret.) Alexandros Mallias, Alexandros K. Liakopoulos

The aim of this report is concerned with bringing forward an issue urging for absolute prioritization within the global village, along – hopefully – with the writers proposal for its solution: this is no other than the need to fight back against climate-change-driven water scarcity, in parallel with the crafting of the necessary way-out-of-the-problem that will allow us all, as humanity, to turn it into water abundance. We advocate that at this stage humanity has the necessary means, science, knowledge and technology to provide a sustainable solution to an unsustainable and unsustaining mega-problem, threatening by its very nature to become a meta-problem for the whole of the human kind along with all flora and fauna of the geosystem.

Yet, we still miss, seemingly, the most important element to the equation for the solution: the political will, that is, coupled with the vision and the leadership towards resolving this mega-problem, which comes with an imperative warning: “you will either make me go extinct, or I will make you go extinct”.

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