A report published in Istituto di Alti Studi in Geopolitica e Scienze Ausiliarie, No. 104 – March 2017

In the following report, the author discusses the growing crisis in the Middle East and performs an analysis in 5 points to define problems and suggest solutions about security issues and international cooperation. Key points focus on: the inadequacy of the global collective security system and the revision of the UN Charter; mismatches between threats, goals of military interventions and their consequences; the problem of conflicts in the Middle East and the need for a new regional security system in the Mediterranean; the risk of nuclear proliferation in the Middle East and the need for an agreement for the non-proliferation of nuclear weapons in the Middle East; the critical problem of the lack of an institutional framework of cooperation from the Atlantic to the Persian Gulf and the expansion of the OSCE system in the MENA area. 

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